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To Sea
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Helping Kids Broaden Their Horizons

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About the program

The tall ship Tree of Life provides an experiential learning opportunity that is free to children who are members of The Boys and Girls Club of America. Children 10 years or older who seek adventure, or a new experience, are given the chance to sail aboard the tall ship. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in everything from setting sail with crew to taking the helm with guidance from the captain. Tree of Life and the Narragansett Bay, together, create the perfect conditions to stir children’s natural curiosity, interest and inquiry. To Sea to See provides the opportunity for kids to experience nature’s elements as they broaden their horizons on the Bay. 

Safety aboard the vessel is our first concern. All students are required to wear a personal flotation device (life jacket) when aboard and receive a safety orientation before getting underway. During the sail the vessel stays within the protected waters of the Bay and land is always in sight. As students become acquainted with the vessel and explore their comfort levels, the captain and crew will make adjustments based on each student’s individual needs. Some students may choose to come aboard and explore the vessel but not sail. An elementary school teacher is part of the crew which helps to ensure that student engagement and experience is optimized. 

Note: Healthy snacks and beverages are provided by the captain. Each sail is limited to five students and one chaperone. To Sea to See sails are organized through The Boys and Girls Club  and are separate from other charters. The vessel adheres to all coastguard guidelines and regulations.


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